Wedding Invitation Design

While wedding stationery and invitation design is not a core service offered here at Caitlin Hottinger Design, each year I take on a limited number of wedding invitation design projects, and it's a joy to be able to create beautiful and timeless stationery pieces for couples. Wedding invitations are not only a practical and functional aspect of wedding planning—beautiful invitations also become keepsakes by which couples and loved ones remember some of the most important moments of their lives.

There are so many possibilities for wedding invitations, but I have a certain style that couples are usually seeking when they reach out to me. This page showcases some of the wedding stationery I've designed, and also offers some information about pricing and printing to help you plan your wedding stationery design. For more specific questions, schedule a meeting with me to discuss your stationery design project.


Below are a few examples of wedding invitations I've designed, featuring details such as floral illustrations, custom venue illustrations, custom lettering, and elegant typography.

wedding invitations designed by Caitlin Hottinger Designwedding invitations designed by Caitlin Hottinger Design

Eleanor + John's wedding invitations featured a custom painted venue illustration, painted florals, letterpress printed text, and blue envelopes with white ink. Photo credit: Trish Allison Photography

wedding invitations designed by Caitlin Hottinger Designwedding invitations designed by Caitlin Hottinger Design

Madeline and Evan's Invitations featured custom venue illustrations and a gold foil stamp treatment.

custom watercolor save the date designed by Caitlin Hottinger Design

Maria and Blake's save the date design featured a custom watercolor painting and digital printing.


There are many different printing methods and treatments that can be used for wedding invitations. The most common printing treatments my clients choose are digital printing, letterpress, and foil stamping. These printing methods can also be combined for truly special printed stationery.

Digital printing is the most cost effective form of printing, and allows for full color designs. It is a flat printing method, with no added texture, shine, indentation, or other special treatment.

Letterpress (sometimes called engraved) is a beautiful, traditional way to print wedding invitations. For this method, printers create a custom plate that is stamped into your paper. This means that any letterpressed text or illustrations will be indented into the paper, giving it a rich texture and elevating the tactile experience of opening, holding, and displaying your invitation suite.

Foil stamp is a specialty printing treatment by which gold foil is applied to your design, giving it shine, texture, and a luxurious look.


Custom designed wedding invitations are more of an investment than a pre-made template. This is because a designer spends hours and hours creating new artwork specifically for you, tailored to the vibe, design, and setting of your wedding. A designer will also facilitate the printing process for you, which can be pretty complicated and overwhelming if you're not familiar with it. This personalized service results in special, one-of-a-kind stationery that can be cherish for years to come in a scrapbook or as framed artwork.

Pricing for custom wedding invitations can vary a lot, but couples I work with often end up spending somewhere between $1,500–$3,000 on their invitation suites. Some factors that influence pricing are the number of invitations, number of pieces in your suite, and the printing methods or treatments you'd like to use. If you're trying to keep cost low, I recommend digital printing and minimizing the number of cards in your suite. Or, for a lower-budget solution, check out the semi-custom designs available in our shop!


If it's not important to you to have a completely unique wedding invitation design, you can look for a ready-made design. I have a few of these available for purchase — simply order the design you like and then I'll customize it with your event info and preferred wording. Keep in mind, for semi-custom templates, printing and print support is not included, so you'll need to print these on your own.

Semi-Custom Wedding Invitation Design — Hand Drawn Floral Motif

programs, signage, table numbers, name cards, etc.

There are so many details that go into a wedding or special event! Having your stationery designer create these pieces helps ensure that these aspects of your wedding will look polished and cohesive. If I design your invitations for you, I can also help with these additional items. We can discuss any questions, specifications, and cost on an initial consultation call.

wedding table setting with table number

Table number design. Photo credit: Trish Allison Photography


For a custom quote, schedule a call to discuss your wedding invitation design vision. We take on a limited number of wedding stationery design projects each year, so reach out as soon as you can!


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