Building brands for businesses perpetuating goodness, beauty & love


Meet Caitlin

Caitlin Hottinger is a brand designer and illustrator based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. With over five years of experience creating stunning brands for clients, Caitlin believes that every little detail of your business should effortlessly portray the values, personality, and vision you work towards every day.

At Caitlin Hottinger Design, we pour love, care, strategy and creativity into all the visual details, so you can have an elevated and professional design system that works on its own to drive results for your business. We work with businesses we believe in to create brands that are spreading  good things in our world—because we all need more goodness, beauty and love in our lives. Sound like you? Let's work together!


Recent work

Set of three wine bottles with labels designed by Caitlin Hottinger Design
Knit kits by Smoke and Slate, with packaging designed by Caitlin Hottinger
Business cards for Vita Optimum Counseling and Consulting designed by Caitlin Hottinger
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