Swell and Good

Swell and Good is a small agency that helps nonprofits tell their stories to connect better with their audience and achieve maximum impact.

Swell and Good collaborated with Caitlin Hottinger Design to refine and expand their visual brand including logo design, color palette development, typography guidelines, branded illustrations, and digital and print collateral.




Swell and Good logo design by Caitlin Hottinger Design

"Our work with Caitlin began as we started to take our side hustle more seriously. Up until that point, it had been a series of projects we took on just for fun. Working with Caitlin allowed us to establish our brand as we built our company. A year later, Swell+Good had become a full-time business.

"We love how well our brand represents us. Clients can understand exactly what we want them to feel when they work with us: Trust, comfort, and the potential for growth. Plus, it’s both professional and fun—a combination we love!"

—Allison & Ian, Swell+Good

Swell and good business card design by Caitlin Hottinger DesignSwell and good brand design and illustration by Caitlin Hottinger DesignSwell and good stationery design Caitlin Hottinger DesignSwell and Good Brand Design Caitlin Hottinger DesignEmail newsletter design by Caitlin Hottinger DesignSwell and good illustration Caitlin Hottinger Design