Plein Air Vineyards

Plein Air Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard with the mission of creating wine that is meant to be enjoyed outside. For their branding, we designed a light and airy typographic logo, with subtle, customized curves that convey a sense of freedom and open air.

For their wine labels, Caitlin painted outdoor scenes inspired by en plain air painting and the delightful names given to each wine variety. Since their wine is artfully crafted with the beautiful outdoors at the heart of their mission, this artful approach to the label design was a natural and logical creative decision.




Plein Air Vineyards custom logo designed by Caitlin Hottinger Designbranding for winery | vineyard brand and logo displayed on 3 flier designs for wineshand painted wine label designPlein Air Vineyards custom branding designed by Caitlin Hottinger Designhand painted wine label designthree hand painted wine label designsNEXT PROJECT

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