Branding for Caitlin Hottinger Design — Personal Branding Case Study

By Caitlin Hottinger

Caitlin Hottinger Design brand mood board

behind the brand

When designing the branding for Caitlin Hottinger Design, I played the role of both designer and client — a fun challenge! My goal was to communicate my design style as well as my business style. I wanted to portray a refined, elevated and professional visual brand, with acute attention to detail, while also showcasing a bit of my personality and individuality.

Personal branding: designing the logo

The concept for my logo is simple, with very intentional decisions behind the aesthetic execution. The Caitlin Hottinger Design logo simply portrays my business name and my studio, as well as the city in which I operate: Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Caitlin Hottinger Design Logo

The type: Typography is one of the best opportunities to subtly communicate the essence of a brand. Since my business contains my name, I wanted a logotype that I felt represented me, while also attracting the kinds of clients I tend to work with: business owners with elevated standards for the work they create and a strong purpose they work to fulfill through their mission.

The symbol: For the symbol, I drew the exterior of my home office in a minimal yet detailed style that is very cohesive with the secondary typeface used for the word "design."


Beyond the logo, I utilize the same personality-rich and versatile typography throughout my website and marketing materials.

Roslindale: This is a beautiful serif and contains many weights and styles, making it very useful.

Sweet Sans: I love how clean, friendly and approachable this typeface is.


I chose a heavily neutral palette with some soft pigmented swatches that provide a useful range of dark, medium and light tones.

Caitlin Hottinger Design brand color palette


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