Benedicto Dei

Benedicto Dei is a woman-owned brand selling kits directed towards blessing one's home. Benedicto Dei reached out to us as they were developing their brand and product, wanting design that would help distinguish their business as timeless and one-of-a-kind.

Through concepts rooted in Catholic spirituality and symbolism, we designed a logo, brand identity, and packaging that defines their product as a high-end and special keepsake.



BRAND guidelines



PRINT design


Branding and packaging box design by Caitlin Hottinger Designbenedicto dei logo design, packaging design, and illustration by Caitlin Hottinger Design

The home icon element of the Benedicto Dei logo is both beautiful and symbolic. The cross that hovers above the home symbolizes the presence of Christ inside a blessed home, and the geometry of its shape is informed by the curves and lines found within the type treatment of the primary logo.

benedicto dei logo design by Caitlin Hottinger Design

Intricate rose illustrations offer texture, beauty, and added layers of symbolism, deriving meaning from Mary the mother of God and Catholic Saints. The vines and roses were drawn with careful detail to complement the lines and shapes of the logo and other brand visuals.

Branding and prayer card print design by Caitlin Hottinger Design

We created a toolkit of expansive colors, print layouts, typography guidelines, and social media posts so that every opportunity for potential customers to encounter Benedicto Dei would feel authentic, intentional, special, and unified.

Branding and packaging box design by Caitlin Hottinger Design